Who are
The Afternoon Umbrella Friends?

We are a community, comprised of friends with a simple desire to groove together all night, and an insatiable love for umbrellas! As we have grown, our mission has become so much more!

We aim to provide San Diego and beyond with unique and invigorating experiences, a platform for artists of all types to let their talents shine, and an environment where people can not only be themselves, but find friendship amongst supportive new friends who can help foster creative pursuits and dreams.

Music Art Community Umbrellas

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Andrew Wilkinson

Hugo Le Rouzo



Elon Mollusk

Will On Cloud Nine

Uri Leshner

Show Shonna




At The Afternoon Umbrella Friends, our community is what makes us who we are. Not just our little community of artists, but also the community of San Diego and the world beyond. Creating experiences that bring people together on a deeper level and fostering interconnection between individuals from all walks of life is a central drive for everything we do.


Dancing all night together is always beautiful, but we wanted to find unique ways to bring our community together. Umbrellavation is a part of the Umbrella Friends which focuses on community-building, health and wellness, creative pursuits, charity work, and more. Together we can umbrellavate ourselves and our world!

AUF Microgrant

The Umbrellavation micro-grants are people-powered financial aid uplifting San Diego’s LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Latinx, APIMEDA, and Disabled musicians/artist communities for their artistic growth, livelihood, and the betterment of San Diego’s culture. All micro-grants are 100% yours to do with. We do not judge someone based on their needs and place in life. 

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